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  19 Aug 2017 18:01 PDT I want Lionel Pizano back in my life I know I don't know him in person and he's just some random person online but I love him plelsse make him unblock me!!!
19 Aug 2017 17:52 PDT please answer
19 Aug 2017 17:51 PDT hey god are you real?
19 Aug 2017 14:44 PDT Increase the desire to be holy in America. You want us to be holy because You are holy.
19 Aug 2017 08:29 PDT god plz mare saare kam sahi ho jann mari marriage ch jo b problem aa rahi aa theek ho jie
18 Aug 2017 21:47 PDT Dear god please help all of us find happiness and comfort we all deserve a break . thamk u for everything lord well be okay
18 Aug 2017 15:38 PDT God, please bring my family back home! I love my son his mother too. Please make it easy to be a family again!
18 Aug 2017 03:47 PDT make me become a big star ! and i want a good relationship and i want to become famous !
18 Aug 2017 03:09 PDT God please I am waiting for a someone to be with and enjoy life with, amen
18 Aug 2017 02:42 PDT between the eyes
18 Aug 2017 02:41 PDT gaza strip
17 Aug 2017 22:54 PDT God, I pray that my new crush Saul and my other crush Alex Garza fight over. E during 7:49, during break, and lunch break. Then when I walk to history I'll see
17 Aug 2017 19:45 PDT I just wanted to know if my friend Austin viele is doing okay
17 Aug 2017 18:24 PDT Dear god please let Mark Feehily end things with his partner and come and find me in Runcorn!!!
17 Aug 2017 16:51 PDT GOD i am so feel depressed, give me a someone to be with me till the end. i need it right away
17 Aug 2017 09:37 PDT slow!!!!
17 Aug 2017 09:06 PDT Pls god pls
17 Aug 2017 06:58 PDT God please help me get smarter
17 Aug 2017 00:56 PDT God, i messed up, pls find a way for me and Nora back together, we've been 30 years together and i am so stress that i fight with her. i am all alone .
16 Aug 2017 23:44 PDT God please help me find my soul mate
16 Aug 2017 18:34 PDT dear god almighty please. assist. to all my needs likes and. ur
16 Aug 2017 09:16 PDT I'm so tired of this life, God. I just want it to be over.
16 Aug 2017 02:04 PDT Hi gof
15 Aug 2017 19:44 PDT Please make sure tavery stays alive, she has so much to live for and I love her more than anything
15 Aug 2017 19:15 PDT Please heal my dad and let him feel 10x better with his left knee. His vacation is ruined and I'm sad :(
15 Aug 2017 19:06 PDT Please prevent 85(2).
15 Aug 2017 19:05 PDT Please do not call a second special #txlege session
15 Aug 2017 15:35 PDT God just let Mark Feehily dm me and say he will be in Runcorn soon
15 Aug 2017 14:43 PDT god just please make everthing i wanted come true
15 Aug 2017 11:40 PDT U must NeverTrust the Fake MainstreamMedia TheyWant U to change your GodGiven SexualeOrientation to a Deluded Transmutant Paraphilic Creepist.
15 Aug 2017 03:48 PDT God aap jab kisi ko father mother Dete ho to plzzz fir vapas mat mana kro plzzz z kisi kis ko itna Dete ho or kisi ko kuch bi nhi plzzz God bhot problem hoti h
15 Aug 2017 03:47 PDT God aap jab kisi ko father mother Dete ho to plzzz fir vapas mat mana kro plzzz z kisi kis ko itna Dete ho or kisi ko kuch bi nhi plzzz God bhot problem hoti h
15 Aug 2017 01:28 PDT Aryan Being! May President Donald *T*r*u*m*p*! Be free from suffering!Aryan Being!May usa President Donald*T*r*u*m*p* Be at peace! mayHe end #white genocide.
14 Aug 2017 22:10 PDT Thank you God. for my girlfriend and week old baby growing in her.
14 Aug 2017 22:09 PDT God, please look after my unborn baby of weeks. And please let my girlfriend see my love and open her heart to forgive me.
14 Aug 2017 19:55 PDT God, please let me and Aron talk again. My fault i called her all bad and i don't mean it. thanks
14 Aug 2017 18:49 PDT Help I'm feeling suicidal and I don't wanna feel this way I'm tried everything and happiness is something I really need
14 Aug 2017 18:48 PDT Help my mothers soul be at rest I feel her negative energy
14 Aug 2017 18:28 PDT Hi God Please send Mark Feehily to me.
14 Aug 2017 18:25 PDT Hey god. . I really need German to text me back. He's disappeared for the past couple of days and I just need him to text me or his mom to text me . Please help
14 Aug 2017 14:11 PDT Hey can you make us win the lottery because we really need the money to help Pam and Chris their house got destroyed in the tornado we need to help them quick
14 Aug 2017 13:33 PDT Hi god
13 Aug 2017 20:36 PDT Want come bucket right now!!!
13 Aug 2017 18:58 PDT god i acidentally slept wrong can you take away
13 Aug 2017 18:48 PDT I love u god
13 Aug 2017 14:22 PDT Can you please end my painful life?
12 Aug 2017 09:20 PDT 1. in my room , no one should come except we three (sourav, prateek,ravideep) and that's it . no one should come please as now whoever will come will come with
12 Aug 2017 01:30 PDT God Jesus, do you want me to do? I need help here
11 Aug 2017 22:49 PDT bucket

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