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  21 Oct 2016 17:40 PDT What is going on with Bruce
21 Oct 2016 13:17 PDT I wish noah can be my boyfriend until we die brake up with areil by monday pleas god i beg you with all my heart i love ypu by,vanity
21 Oct 2016 10:59 PDT Do you want me God?
21 Oct 2016 09:17 PDT To everyone who is reading this, let us pray together so the pain & and worries in our heart will fade. Let us pray so we can heal the world. Amen.
21 Oct 2016 09:14 PDT Thank you for everything God. I know you will always be there for us. I know that you will guide us in everything that we do. Please help us. Thank you God. .
21 Oct 2016 05:41 PDT Dear God, please give me strenght and courage to live my everyday life. Spread your love to everyone in the world. Amen.
21 Oct 2016 04:21 PDT Please God, make my wish come true overnight (light skin and long wavy beeline honey hair
20 Oct 2016 22:34 PDT Please God help me become a better person
20 Oct 2016 21:39 PDT Help me god please I told you about my problems you already know so tell me what your thinking
20 Oct 2016 10:01 PDT Forgive my co-workers for ing me off
20 Oct 2016 09:09 PDT I need you in my life
19 Oct 2016 22:24 PDT Hello, God? It's me, Kevin, again. How art thou?
19 Oct 2016 21:36 PDT I was cheating i dont cheat man im too sweet to cheat u know that so telll me whats the problem dude?
19 Oct 2016 21:35 PDT Dear god, i belive in u but whats wrong with u man? U got me suffering for 16-17 years u put an ang to date me in my life and yet u make a dumb guy lie and
19 Oct 2016 18:51 PDT Dear god, bless this world in the presidential debate season πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΏ
19 Oct 2016 15:48 PDT please god let me found the physical evidence that my wife slept with the guy she sexting with. She lied so much
19 Oct 2016 04:17 PDT Dear God, Please send me my cash, My dreams are stuck and I'm tired of waiting, Please help me today, I beg you!
19 Oct 2016 02:42 PDT god today I bring to your attension the troubled marriages including mine you are a fair God you have helped us get our partners intervane in Jesus name the dev
19 Oct 2016 01:17 PDT God, please let him spend my birthday with me. .not just because I want to but because he wants to.
19 Oct 2016 01:16 PDT God. .work on Travis' head and heart so that our relationship can grow.
18 Oct 2016 20:55 PDT Dear god pls help me emilia
18 Oct 2016 19:50 PDT Dear GOD, I pray that you touch my marriage and see us through these tough times. Protect my family from all evil trying to intervene! Amen!
18 Oct 2016 08:54 PDT Help me please
17 Oct 2016 21:10 PDT Dear God I pray that my boyfriend gives me one more chance. I know I've done him wrong. But I can be better. Just allow me to have the opportunity oh God.
17 Oct 2016 21:04 PDT Dear father. . now that i am acceptn. . please direct me 2 makin the rite choice. . thx u 4 ur direction n godspeed amen ra. .
17 Oct 2016 19:43 PDT Dear god Please help me do better in school amen
17 Oct 2016 15:30 PDT I miss my friends
17 Oct 2016 15:29 PDT God bless you and me i am so deaf my name is Evelyn amaya flores
17 Oct 2016 01:47 PDT God reaches us through all measures. Text. With intentions of God listening!
17 Oct 2016 01:45 PDT Because i feel like u are my best friend. And i feel like u are the one that listens
17 Oct 2016 01:45 PDT Lord im so sorry for my sins. I love u and thank u for evrything u have given me. I found thos sight amd not even thinking about what im doing.
16 Oct 2016 21:51 PDT Help megod
16 Oct 2016 21:48 PDT If it b ur will. . let me b receiving. . i luv & thx u. n godspeed amen ra
16 Oct 2016 19:55 PDT Please help me
16 Oct 2016 18:10 PDT hello to grandma, mother,children u all missed and very much thought about amen
16 Oct 2016 12:02 PDT god please make my life happier , i am sick of crying and fights , i dont wanna suffer anymore please god , help me i beg you
16 Oct 2016 03:16 PDT Thank you God father
16 Oct 2016 01:19 PDT Please God forgive me
15 Oct 2016 20:35 PDT How do you sleep at night?
15 Oct 2016 19:47 PDT dear god i just want my grandpa to walk agean with his walk you can tex me at 6086099760 love pencer
15 Oct 2016 15:57 PDT Dear God, dont let the world go on another war. The world has bled so much. Make these foolish men-of-war dissapear.
15 Oct 2016 15:53 PDT God make me a better man. If you really exists, get me out of the mess I'm in. Amen.
15 Oct 2016 15:33 PDT Who do u think I should live with my dad or mom
15 Oct 2016 09:31 PDT What does heaven feel like is it fun there
14 Oct 2016 19:16 PDT Ok god text me on my phone you and i need to talk
14 Oct 2016 09:56 PDT God so many is laughing and cheating to me please save me from them and bless me
14 Oct 2016 08:32 PDT Are u actually God
14 Oct 2016 04:02 PDT please guide me
13 Oct 2016 19:51 PDT Dear lord thank you and help me with my prayers lord

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