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  15 Dec 2017 16:52 PST I still didn't get the offer. . I am full of hope and disappointed in the same time.
15 Dec 2017 15:17 PST Hey God. If you reading this, please tell my friend Hannah to stop painting on bibles. Please. And thank you. I love you
15 Dec 2017 05:49 PST Where are you christmas
15 Dec 2017 05:49 PST Why did you leave me on heard
14 Dec 2017 20:59 PST Hi god! I was wondering if you actually are real and if so can you come tell me? In person tonight or on Christmas!? Love you! Let me know! Love Alexis ❤️
14 Dec 2017 19:36 PST Hi God need talk to my dad
14 Dec 2017 18:35 PST God please hep Olivia fight her pneumonia and let her live AMEN, love Michael
14 Dec 2017 18:29 PST what should I do with Leslie
14 Dec 2017 04:39 PST Why is there moisture in my anus
14 Dec 2017 04:25 PST Holy Father, I put my retion into ur hands in Jesus name. Thank u Lord of All.
13 Dec 2017 21:30 PST Dear God. Thank you for all of the blessings you have given me . please help me in my moment of helplessness
13 Dec 2017 20:25 PST Dear God. Thank you for all of the blessings you have given me
13 Dec 2017 20:17 PST I pray that you show me your will. I pray that you provide
13 Dec 2017 16:00 PST Holy Father, I put my retion into ur hands in Jesus name. Thank u Lord of All.
13 Dec 2017 15:41 PST please please keep net neutrality help me out please
13 Dec 2017 13:12 PST I can't pray. I do not know how to anymore. Help me dear God.
13 Dec 2017 13:11 PST I miss You God. Please help me feel Thy presence again. I don't like being far away from You Lord. Please fill my heart with Your love.
12 Dec 2017 19:14 PST Halelua Somandla could you reconciliate us before New Year thereafter cleanse the earth amen.
12 Dec 2017 17:54 PST I love u man
12 Dec 2017 16:51 PST Lord please protect me in my home and take out ghost in my Lord I love you
12 Dec 2017 09:37 PST hi can u mack my wish come true i want magic
12 Dec 2017 08:21 PST hey god
12 Dec 2017 02:34 PST Plz let it snow so I can go home and school shuts thank you x
11 Dec 2017 20:12 PST What is the winning lotto number next week ?
11 Dec 2017 19:38 PST Oh God this number{12407762323}it doesn't exist which number are you using in a moment?
11 Dec 2017 19:33 PST stop bothering with stupid things don't behave like a Shimane boi!
11 Dec 2017 18:12 PST I just hope you will help me I love you God please Lord with Ashanti tomorrow you can hope for the best with you on my side Lord is always going to be the best
11 Dec 2017 18:05 PST Because I will need help I really don't know what to do and Ashanti was my first I love her but I don't think she me help me Lord I don't know what to do Ashant
11 Dec 2017 18:02 PST She says she love me but after all the stuff she said today do you think she loves me I love her I'm going to you Lord for help what's my relationship problems
11 Dec 2017 17:59 PST But I love Ashanti I don't want to let her go please Lord just help me with my problem Lord I really don't know what to do because I love her I thought she love
11 Dec 2017 17:52 PST I just wish she loves me she just leave me alone I just want to be a normal couple but all that stuff she said today really really hurt me I don't know what do
11 Dec 2017 17:49 PST What she did to me today really hurting me I love her I don't think she loves me because all that stuff she said to Morgan that hurting me cuz I actually love h
11 Dec 2017 17:45 PST Please Lord help me at school tomorrow I don't know what to do with Ashanti I love her but I don't know what to do with her like what she did to me toda
11 Dec 2017 17:42 PST She don't want to be with me why she said she love me like you can't say you love a person and you don't mean it like I love her and I mean it I don't know abou
11 Dec 2017 17:40 PST I told that girl on the computer looks fine then Ashanti hit me two times I don't know what to do Lord I love her then she says to me I'm not a real man
11 Dec 2017 17:37 PST My Lord Ashanti is at it again she told Morgan her friend he thinks I with with him I rather twerk on DJ that really me off today then I said that girl cut
11 Dec 2017 14:02 PST I miss companionship that is out of you realm as god. So I take that further and compound my dream to be a guardian angel if my character limit is not breached
11 Dec 2017 09:00 PST god i hope we get adopted for christmas
11 Dec 2017 07:27 PST is the devil real the devil is a baby
11 Dec 2017 07:25 PST hi god hi
10 Dec 2017 20:20 PST Hey God, I need your help, more than any time ever - i need you to give me peace to let me know everything will be okay.
10 Dec 2017 20:12 PST Dear Lord thank you for your favor love and comfort amen
10 Dec 2017 20:10 PST My Lord thank u 4 this day with my son it wasnt in my finances but our day together was priceless thank you
10 Dec 2017 18:24 PST Oh Lord, lay your hands on Katherines aching head and take away the pain and sufferiing. Cleanse her blood of the cold germs now multiplying for battle. Amen.
10 Dec 2017 16:16 PST I like turtles
10 Dec 2017 15:43 PST God lower the wind please and thank you
10 Dec 2017 12:41 PST Hi Lord. I'm here again. I can't find You. Where are You? I am lost again, I'm sorry. Bit thank You still for all Your blessings. I miss You. .
10 Dec 2017 10:07 PST Please God watch over Travis and keep him safe.
10 Dec 2017 07:47 PST Please help us God. We want to live a normal live. Please let is live. I m worried

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