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  25 Feb 2017 22:59 PST Thank you
25 Feb 2017 14:10 PST God I'm sad why did you take my little brother away from me please let me know
25 Feb 2017 10:35 PST is santa a friend of yours
25 Feb 2017 10:12 PST God I need you , I need your strength , I love you I love Mankind , but I'm in trouble I can't do this on my own I'm asking for your strength to guide me , and
25 Feb 2017 06:33 PST God, you've never done anything to help anyone. You reward evil.
24 Feb 2017 18:03 PST dear god please help me get back to my normal self again and help me walk better without using a cane a or walker anymore
24 Feb 2017 13:30 PST You are good
24 Feb 2017 12:39 PST Hi god
24 Feb 2017 08:59 PST Dear god sorry for my mestakes in life bless my family please can me and my family stay on earth for either
23 Feb 2017 21:53 PST Help me god!!! My head feels like it's wobbly. I need your peace and direction!!!
23 Feb 2017 21:19 PST God why is my life a huge mess? I don't have a job. My wife hates me and she doesn't respect me. I had an accident and my hand almost was cut off. Please make s
23 Feb 2017 19:27 PST God, why have you made me this way? I'm getting depression and anxiety just thinking about myself. Why am I not normal? I am fat. I am ugly. Lord please help me
23 Feb 2017 07:23 PST God Malina arcia feeling sick and nausea could u pls help her heal and feel better
23 Feb 2017 01:46 PST Please bless TLW and I with consistency, vulnerability, fidelity, growth, and true love together. Thank you.
22 Feb 2017 20:55 PST God, can you pray for my boyfriend that he'll have a better job. And my son will make it through this year and get things done.
22 Feb 2017 16:17 PST Hi god am I going to heaven
22 Feb 2017 14:35 PST Come on God, good people need your help , stop helping the greedy and immoral.
22 Feb 2017 14:25 PST hi god
22 Feb 2017 10:03 PST Also God please bless Nick with a job and remember anyone needing your guidance. Thank you
22 Feb 2017 10:02 PST God, first I want to thank you for blessing me and my family. Please guide me in the direction you want me to go. I would like to ask you for a job at Verizon
22 Feb 2017 01:46 PST Thank you for another day of peace while my surroundings demonstrate violence, hate and madness. As You say, and it is. GEPugh
22 Feb 2017 01:43 PST Thank You, Father for this day. All praise to your powerful name. Bless your children with sound minds and decent heart. GEPugh
22 Feb 2017 00:16 PST God ,I'm sick of begging, come on brother , help me.
21 Feb 2017 20:14 PST God can u help me
21 Feb 2017 20:11 PST God I'm scared
21 Feb 2017 15:19 PST I love you god
20 Feb 2017 21:25 PST Please lord. I need this. Please bless me.
20 Feb 2017 18:16 PST Please move my friend to contact me. I will respond with love and forgiveness.
20 Feb 2017 17:25 PST God I believe these happenings are paths you have shown. Bless us.
20 Feb 2017 15:02 PST One more time God. Please. This WILL NOT be the last time I call on you. But I understand if it doesn't happen. It wasn't in your plans.
20 Feb 2017 12:52 PST Please send nothing but blessings my way.
20 Feb 2017 06:23 PST hi can you give me powers
20 Feb 2017 04:59 PST If she and help guide her to peace and love in her heart.
20 Feb 2017 04:58 PST I can't sleep worried about her. So please take care of your child Lord.
20 Feb 2017 03:50 PST Help her forget her past so that she can move forward.
20 Feb 2017 03:50 PST Help magnolia lord
19 Feb 2017 16:26 PST Hi God please soften Lilla's heart and move her to contact me. I miss my friend dearly. I am not sure what I did wrong. Please forgive me.
19 Feb 2017 14:34 PST Hi god love you so much then you ever believe in can you answer your phone
19 Feb 2017 14:21 PST My husband is addicted. He has become a an evil spirited man. Help him help our family.
19 Feb 2017 01:51 PST Forgive me please guide me towards happiness and peace. To better myself and to steer away my depression anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I just want to be happy
19 Feb 2017 01:14 PST Please God, I am sorry for ignoring you when things are good. Thanks for always being there always
19 Feb 2017 00:00 PST Hi please help me in my journey through life and to find happiness, better job, new friends, boyfriend, and protect me from harmful people. 💕
18 Feb 2017 19:05 PST what your
18 Feb 2017 15:17 PST Hi god i love you
18 Feb 2017 14:07 PST For get the bad word we say sorry god
18 Feb 2017 13:57 PST I would like for to stop all discriminating and segregation.
18 Feb 2017 13:30 PST I pray that I no longer ask for help for my problems but that you bless others before me.
18 Feb 2017 12:43 PST You God. Just You. What You say. They are mad in their vileness. You my God. Thank you. GEP
18 Feb 2017 09:06 PST god g apne hmesha mujhe bachaya last moment pe. .uskle liye thnku god. .bt dis plz hlp me. .plz mujhe ek bandan se ajd kr dijiye

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