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  29 Sep 2016 16:05 PDT god i need to hear you
29 Sep 2016 12:46 PDT I'm confused and i miss my dad
29 Sep 2016 10:56 PDT is it ok to let my guy frien suck me off at school. I said no homo so that way its not gay so I go to heaven.
29 Sep 2016 09:03 PDT Dear father. . thx u 4 my exceptance of myself my people & spiritually. i no who i am & luv who iv become. i praise u n godspeed amen ra. .
28 Sep 2016 17:15 PDT Dear father. they say he will try 2 humiliate my kind jester. but its ok im still the winner. n godspeed amen ra
28 Sep 2016 10:01 PDT Thank you
28 Sep 2016 09:52 PDT Lord heal my homosexuality. Amen
28 Sep 2016 08:13 PDT Please god increase my height and give me a phone please please please god
28 Sep 2016 07:04 PDT Hey god
28 Sep 2016 06:33 PDT Dear GOD, help me in achieving my goals
27 Sep 2016 15:54 PDT Why is everything going wrong
26 Sep 2016 23:31 PDT If it b ur will. . keep me from harms way. . & ill will. thx u 4 everything i worship u n godspeed amen ra. .
26 Sep 2016 22:09 PDT my family does not love me,support me,care me,and i have no true am too much lonely always keep on blaming am very bad.
26 Sep 2016 15:20 PDT hi god can you make money fall down the sky
26 Sep 2016 12:09 PDT I masterbated
26 Sep 2016 04:38 PDT dear god i need help my life is so messed up iv had a horible child hood and iv done alit of bad things i just got out of prison i cant leave the house please
25 Sep 2016 19:17 PDT Can rock music be used to help spread the word?
25 Sep 2016 18:27 PDT Dear god this is Danielle I'm worried about Agnes in Africa not getting her visa, so please answer my prayers
25 Sep 2016 18:22 PDT Dear god this is Danielle I'm 11 years old and I'm having a mom named a
25 Sep 2016 18:19 PDT Dear god this is Danielle please let my new mom Agnes get her visa next week on Thursday during her interview so leave asi Ghana to go to united states
25 Sep 2016 15:45 PDT God what is it like in heaven
25 Sep 2016 14:27 PDT what is your honest opinion on donald trump?
25 Sep 2016 08:51 PDT Dear lord, please help me get my daughter involved in the Lord
24 Sep 2016 20:13 PDT Please god help me
24 Sep 2016 17:43 PDT god help me
24 Sep 2016 17:41 PDT god i want to commit suicide but i dont becuse i kie
24 Sep 2016 17:14 PDT I ing Hate you God. And when I died. I'll ing drag your ass to hell where you belong!
24 Sep 2016 12:28 PDT call me
24 Sep 2016 12:27 PDT i know your word but what am i to do
23 Sep 2016 12:35 PDT Please God tell me what to do and where to go. Only you can guide me to where I'm supposed to be
23 Sep 2016 02:08 PDT Dear God, please take me away from this cruel world as i dont want to stay longer. Plesse take me away
22 Sep 2016 22:54 PDT Praying for peace on earth and bring my Travis back to me, ready and willing
22 Sep 2016 20:21 PDT I've been wishing on 11:11 for a long time none of those wishes are coming true I'm not asking for much. Please help -Leah
22 Sep 2016 18:51 PDT Please let Hillery Clinton win please not Donald trump
22 Sep 2016 18:49 PDT Hi God I really love you !!!!! Help me be good in school please
22 Sep 2016 16:12 PDT I love you god
22 Sep 2016 14:08 PDT Hey babe
22 Sep 2016 12:32 PDT Dear god plzzz help me to get my job quickly plzzzz my hope faith only in you to get this job plzzz mk the things happen very fastly plzzz god I begging you
22 Sep 2016 12:29 PDT My almighty god plzz help me out in this situation my job waiting for call
22 Sep 2016 06:23 PDT Dear god make me like perfect Peter and put happy hippos on TV and make the world safe without attacks and wars
21 Sep 2016 23:40 PDT Father God I found out that my girlfriend was the biggest on earth and that she is attending big orgies can you stop her?
21 Sep 2016 23:36 PDT Father in heaven I am addicted to meth end just can't stop because there are other factors involved XX energy staying up late which are alluring and when I do s
21 Sep 2016 23:34 PDT Dear father God I pray for every soul on earth to make it to heaven I cannot stand the thought of anybody disconnected from God amen
21 Sep 2016 23:32 PDT Father God,I know that earths inhabitants have so much coming at once
21 Sep 2016 23:30 PDT I would like to pray for all of mankind,we need a revival throughout the world to bring all to worshipping the true messiah,Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ
21 Sep 2016 23:27 PDT Dear father in heaven,I understand satan has been cast to earth and he is physically here,help us get and keep your powerful amor on,I pray AMEN. .
21 Sep 2016 16:09 PDT you too
21 Sep 2016 13:01 PDT hi god
21 Sep 2016 07:39 PDT Dear God please give Ashley the power and strength to do whats right!

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