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  09 Dec 2016 12:08 PST Dear God, Is the miracle that I am waiting the return of Yvonne to my marriage? Please let me know, Amen
09 Dec 2016 05:54 PST I hate you for taking my son. I trusted you and now I don't
09 Dec 2016 02:35 PST I'm god
08 Dec 2016 22:09 PST Save a life free cpr + first aid training ❤
08 Dec 2016 22:09 PST hello god
08 Dec 2016 20:33 PST Dear God, Is the miracle that I am waiting the return of Yvonne to my marriage? Please let me know, Amen
08 Dec 2016 19:27 PST dear lord, please let my mom be okay and everything go well at the er. please let her be pain free and happy.
08 Dec 2016 19:15 PST Dear lord Malina arcia has been nausea and sick and make Malina arcia feel better all this year
08 Dec 2016 17:13 PST Is this really you God?
08 Dec 2016 16:17 PST Tell your son I said happy birth day
08 Dec 2016 13:37 PST Please call me you are awesome
08 Dec 2016 10:31 PST Thank you God for every thing.
08 Dec 2016 05:28 PST Almighty God, I hope I get a painfree life for me and family and also cash or money or whatever to survive in such a economy. Thanks Fajju
07 Dec 2016 22:30 PST Dear God, please show us your will in a dream or vision, like you did with Yvonne in the past, as to what you want her to do, and me as well. Amen.
07 Dec 2016 21:58 PST Thank you God for every thing.
07 Dec 2016 21:57 PST God please help my daughter to heal, and my son to succeed in his job and let me hear soon from Marc
07 Dec 2016 21:14 PST Thy will be done!
07 Dec 2016 21:11 PST Please help me!
07 Dec 2016 20:02 PST Hey god tonight i really feel bad about myself i dont feel like im yous i feel ugly, fat, and just like no man is ever going to want me show me.
07 Dec 2016 15:18 PST can we say ing on here
07 Dec 2016 15:17 PST god please let aidan come over please and thank you
07 Dec 2016 09:19 PST Oh Lord Shiva please give me a hint, i want to know which career is right for me. Please
07 Dec 2016 07:00 PST God please I love u
06 Dec 2016 20:54 PST i love you always Zeus, may you bless us all in Jesus christ's name, and may you forgive us for all our sins. thank you for Everything. - Graham
06 Dec 2016 20:45 PST whats going on. big man! its your old stinking pal
06 Dec 2016 16:22 PST please god please god
06 Dec 2016 15:51 PST never ing mind god just ignore me like everyone else
06 Dec 2016 15:47 PST please let aidan come over i miss him so much😭
06 Dec 2016 12:16 PST hi god im stuck in a rock pls send helkp
06 Dec 2016 08:59 PST God, take over my life, restore my family, in Jesus name Amen!
05 Dec 2016 21:29 PST Please bless with with this new job.
05 Dec 2016 20:06 PST Dear God, I am feeling down in my and this for me God
05 Dec 2016 18:43 PST dear god, you are the one who has blessed me with all of these wonderful things i have today, and i would just like to ask you to help me stay strong, amen
05 Dec 2016 10:34 PST Thank you God for everything you have done for me. I ask for your continued blessing, not just for myself but for all those who suffer including those innocent
05 Dec 2016 05:11 PST Please curey dad and bring well
04 Dec 2016 23:45 PST Dear God, give me another chance to be able to recuperate my family, in Jesus name I pray, Amen!🙏
04 Dec 2016 23:08 PST Thank you
04 Dec 2016 23:01 PST Malina arcia has a ependace problem and it hurts please make her feel better
04 Dec 2016 23:00 PST God please bless Malina arcia cause she i
04 Dec 2016 21:11 PST Jesus be my Redeemer, Savior, Lord, Deliverer, healer, Counselor, Guide, Protector, Instructor, Light, Rescuer, eternal life, my reason for living, Amen.
04 Dec 2016 16:45 PST God tomorrow I want to wake up and my life to be the way it was yesterday
04 Dec 2016 12:20 PST Who is this
04 Dec 2016 10:13 PST Hi god how is it in heaven
03 Dec 2016 17:33 PST I want my mom born 1972
03 Dec 2016 17:08 PST God I pray that you save me and let me go up to heaven with you in I'am sorry I sined on your name a million times please save me from the millions of sins
03 Dec 2016 16:42 PST hi god
03 Dec 2016 14:04 PST please let me go to aidans please
03 Dec 2016 12:02 PST god what's your phone number
03 Dec 2016 08:15 PST god im gonna kill myself i cant do this anymore. no body loves me im so done living

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